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Simulation of a Potentiostat/Galvanostat with CyDAQec

CyDAQec is a software for the control of Bank Potentiostats via DAQ boards. CyDAQec takes program-controlled measurement data and stores their time histories for further evaluation with the program CVA for Windows or macOS, or other programs.

CyDAQec provides its user interface as a web application. This can be accessed directly on a screen connected to the CyDAQec control unit or via a network using a web browser, in which case it is independent of the operating system of the user’s device.

On the server of Cyclaero in Frankfurt/Germany, the software runs in simulation mode. A dummy cell R-(R|C) = 10 Ω - (1 kΩ | 6.8 µF) is simulated, on which potentiostatic and galvanostatic measurements can be performed to test the functionality of the software. The web address for this is:

A login is required. Username test and Password cydaq.

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