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Acquire, display, evaluate and reproduce measurement curves in high resolution

The best measurements are of little use if the measured values are not processed and evaluated. In addition, results should be presented in such a way that the underlying questions can be answered conclusively. For generating measurement curves, analog-digital converters, which convert voltages or signals from sensors into numerical values, are used. Often, several voltages or signals are fed in parallel into so-called measuring channels, converted and their chronological course recorded so that they can be processed further. CVA - a software for Windows and macOS provided free of charge by Cyclaero serves exactly this purpose of further processing, namely preparation, evaluation and graphic output in high resolution.

Download CVA for macOS (.zip, 1.9 MB)

Download CVA for Windows (.zip, 5.8 MB)

Download Example measurements - Voltammetry Alkaline Zinc Alloy (.zip, 1.2 MB)

Download Windows Registry files for (Un-)Associating of the following File Extensions with CVA (.zip, 2.2 kB):
.vac, .cls, .daq, .cva, .zva, .txy, .tui, .tnv

Installation on macOS

  1. Double-click on the .zip archive to unpack it, and you will directly receive the CVA application program.
  2. CVA can be started from any location. You can copy it to the programs folder, but for example you can also just leave it on the desktop. In any case it can be started with a double click.
  3. However, macOS interferes on first launch with a warning message:
  4. To start CVA nevertheless, open the 'Security‘ tab in the 'System Preferences' and then click on the button 'Open Anyway':
  5. CVA may then be used immediately and without future nagging.

Installation on Windows 7 to 10

  1. To extract the downloaded .zip archive, open the context menu with a right click and select 'Extract All...':
  2. The best way to unpack the archive is directly on the desktop:
  3. Open the application package and search & and find the executable program CVA.exe under 'Contents\Windows\'. Then create a shortcut to it on the desktop – Send to → Desktop (create shortcut):
  4. The .zip file can now be deleted:
  5. You start CVA.exe with a double click and use it to open a measurement (e.g. from the download package Example measurements) via the 'File' menu:

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